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Promotional Products from Wolf & Pabich. You can forget anything else!

Our full service promotional products - and the benefits for you:

Save Time

We will happily assist you in searching for and selecting the perfect promotional products. We constantly scan the market and find the latest trends for you. Our fulfilment concept relieves you of all the work associated with promotional item distribution. Focus on your business instead of browsing through catalogues!

Save Money

We manage your promotional product acquisition as economically as possible. We search for the right product in your budget at fair market prices and offer comprehensive service. This guarantees that your costs don’t get out of hand.


You can leave the competition in the dust with an exceptional promotional gift. We make sure that your presents are effective with customers. With products that are out of the ordinary. With solutions that will really amaze.

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Promotional gifts – and you’re just not sure where to start? Let us be your inspiration – naturally, you will make the selection for yourself. Simply give us a cue to start with and we’ll find something you like and that will be a hit with your customers.

Custom Concepts

For us, there is no wish too small – and no challenge too big. Whether a sole proprietor or a global corporation: the full service concept from Wolf & Pabich adapts to every level of need. Full service for any size. Give us a challenge – because that’s what motivates us.

Unlimited Advertising

When you choose Wolf & Pabich, you choose a global player in the promotional product industry. Because we are active beyond all borders. With international product searches and worldwide distribution. Wherever you need us, we are there at your side. You see, we make advertising for the whole world.

Responsible Action

The environment, people and sustainability are very important to us. Just like they are to you. That’s why we choose partners and suppliers who think the same: responsible, fair and clean. The same high standards apply to our entire assortment.